By Greg Wagner


Realizing that the whirlwind of change never stops, organizations can gain immense benefit from senior leaders taking the time to have the concentrated, focused discussions outlined in the AT SPEED approach. In this process, leadership places themselves in a single space, through a series of facilitated meetings, and capitalizes on their expertise to establish a foundation for the future. The outcome is a laser-focused team with standardized vision and guidance to create success. This white paper provides a general overview of the AT SPEED approach. It goes on to provide key details and activities to allow you to better understand or test drive how it applies to your team. The hope is by using appreciative inquiry methods and engaging in short, focused meetings mindful of executives’ time, you set you teams on solid ground to tackle any challenges.

Delivering AT SPEED

AT SPEED (Authority Transfer, Setting Purpose, Enterprise Engagement, and Direction) provides a newly formed executive team with a transition framework for focusing their energies on accomplishing shared objectives. The executive team uses the shared product of the effort lay the foundation for a purpose-driven, performance-oriented and principle-led organization. The central idea is to work as a team to define purpose, establish direction, and develop how to work together. AT SPEED provides a baseline and common understanding of what should and is happening to the organization.

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