Workforce Restructuring

For Federal Government Agencies

Government needs to reorganize to more efficiently and effectively deliver upon mission requirements. Agencies will need to examine the full scope of how it is organized and find approaches new ways of managing human capital. Work will need to be accomplished in new ways and sometimes with fewer resources. Agencies may need to restructure to meet mission changes. Employees will need to understand the changing nature of their organization and the way work will be structured and completed. ​

The Millennium Group International (TMG) can assist government agencies will the objectives of streamlining the organizational structure, reducing layers in the organization, and redeploying personnel to direct citizen support functions, thus creating a more responsive, citizen-centric organization.

Organizational streamlining should be addressed in a phased process that examines business transformation opportunities. The restructuring solution should weigh a number of factors including: organizational culture, readiness for change, implementation costs, return on investment, risk factors, and alternative solutions.

Various initiatives that TMG can assist implementing are:

  1. Organizational downsizing or growth
  2. Transitioning the workforce to new roles
  3. Process improvements
  4. Technology automation opportunities
  5. Outsourcing or in sourcing workload 

TMG has developed an innovative approach to readying the Federal government workforce for ever changing mission objectives. TMG’s Strategic Workforce Planning Framework provides the tools to build a high performing organization through the creation of Alignment, Flexibility, Accountability & Mobility.

TMG has developed this framework as a result of our organizational transformation successes in both civilian and defense agencies and numerous private sector clients. The framework has been especially developed for special challenges of the Federal government work environment. Best of all, this approach works! We have partnered with clients to implement our strategic workforce solutions with change management assistance. It’s not just a plan, it provides outcomes.

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