Government needs to reorganize to more efficiently and effectively deliver upon mission requirements. Agencies will need to examine the full scope of how it is organized and find approaches new ways of managing human capital. Work will need to be accomplished in new ways and sometimes with fewer resources. Agencies may need to restructure to meet mission changes. Employees will need to understand the changing nature of their organization and the way work will be structured and completed.

The Millennium Group International (TMG) can assist government agencies will the objectives of streamlining the organizational structure, reducing layers in the organization, and redeploying personnel to direct citizen support functions, thus creating a more responsive, citizen-centric organization.

Organizational streamlining should be addressed in a phased process that examines business transformation opportunities. The restructuring solution should weigh a number of factors including: organizational culture, readiness for change, implementation costs, return on investment, risk factors, and alternative solutions.

Various initiatives that TMG can assist implementing are:

  1. Organizational downsizing or growth
  2. Transitioning the workforce to new roles
  3. Process improvements
  4. Technology automation opportunities
  5. Outsourcing or in sourcing workload

TMG has developed an innovative approach to readying the Federal government workforce for ever changing mission objectives. TMG’s Strategic Workforce Planning Framework provides the tools to build a high performing organization through the creation of Alignment, Flexibility, Accountability & Mobility. TMG has developed this framework as a result of our organizational transformation successes in both civilian and defense agencies and numerous private sector clients. The framework has been especially developed for special challenges of the Federal government work environment. Best of all, this approach works! We have partnered with clients to implement our strategic workforce solutions with change management assistance. It’s not just a plan, it provides outcomes.

Reorganize Across Multiple Dimensions

Why: Anticipate, Adapt and Act to provide the right structure, skills, and supply of qualified staff to meet the demand.
What: Systematic, Holistic Process used to analyze the workforce and determine steps to take to prepare for future needs.
How: Process includes:

  • Composition: Analyze current structure and roles and forecast composition (structure and roles) to be prepared to meet future needs
  • Capacity: Analyze and forecast the required supply of staff to meet future work demand
  • Capability: Conduct a gap analysis between current and desired skill and knowledge required to meet future demand
  • Work Process: Determine process changes to enable meeting future demand

Assessing the Organization

Our organizational assessment model provides pathways for analyzing the multiple dimensions of the Strategic Workforce Planning Framework. The qualitative and quantitative methods were used to analyze current and desired state, including focus groups, interviews, surveys, and data analysis. Demand data will include skills along with the number and type of people. Supply data will include the projection of the internal and external supply of the planning period.

This approach, when combined with solid leadership, provides the holistic approach one needs in aligning responsibilities to the organization’s strategy. For organizations to operate effectively and efficiently in government agencies, they must align themselves around the mission supporting agency strategy. The key to organizational excellence is combining and managing the multiple dimensions in the organizational analysis together, which when combined with the Change Management & Transition Assistance for improvements, will enable your organization to better perform their purpose in ensuring the agency mission.

The TMG Team

The TMG team Our team includes highly qualified experts who can:

  • Consult and Advise to help organizations transform and change to optimize performance and people
  • Design and Develop innovative customized human capital programs to address the unique needs of clients.
  • Deliver and Facilitate programs to encourage and engage learners to participate, share and collaborate in an interactive learning environment
  • Coach and Guide to help people gain more personal awareness and insights to lead to behavioral change and increased effectiveness
  • Share and Leverage best practices, creative thinking, and innovation to maximize the impact of people and their contribution in the organization

A Proven Partner for building High Performance

TMG has over 20 years of experience with helping leaders to create high performing organizations. Our clients include numerous Federal government agencies, businesses, and non profit organizations.

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White House’s plan for reforming government and reducing the federal workforce is one of the most ambitious undertakings over the last 20 years. The 14-page memo issued to agency leaders by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on April 12 outlines a series of long- and short-term actions agencies need to take around reducing the number of employees, improving how they measure employee performance and restructure their mission areas. OPM, OMB, hiring, freeze, mission, restructuring, reduce, reductions, reform, layoffs, federal, government, agencies, restructure, employees, reorganize, reorg, Trump, reform, Mulvaney, performance, swamp, smaller, efficient, effective, organization, transition, downsized, restructure, downsize, restructure, new administration, OMB, restructuring, layoff, workers, workforce, workforce planning, unions, federal, government, Washington, DC, agency, agencies, organization and organizations, effective, efficiency, performance, lean, restructuring, duplication, overlap, fragmentation, productivity, productive, GAO, GPRA, administrative, overhead