Organizational Assessment & Design

TMG can assess and articulate the vision, mission, goals, and values which provide the foundation and the capability to decentralize, while allowing the organization to maintain adaptiveness and speed as the organization diversifies and grows.

Change Management

TMG can transition individuals, team, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.

TMG helps manage the impact of change by providing well-planned, targeted, and consistent communications to each impacted organizational group. We develop communication materials that relate to the specific concerns of individual stakeholder groups: we will target the right group, at the right time, through the right method.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access (DEIA) Support

TMG provides DEIA support with the impact of fostering a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplace.  Our clients benefit from enhanced employee engagement, morale, and retention.  Our support leads to improved innovation, as diverse teams bring a broader range of perspectives and solutions to the table, ultimately driving improved strategy execution.

Reorganization Support

TMG examines the full scope of how work is accomplished and finds approaches new ways of managing human capital. Work will need to be accomplished in new ways and sometimes with fewer resources. Clients may need to restructure to meet mission changes. Employees need to understand the changing nature of their organization and the way work will be structured and completed.

Assessment Instruments

TMG Whole System Review© (WSR)

Gain broad understanding of organizational health. Assess the strength and opportunities to improve the organization. Results are presented through a five-dimension maturity model framework.

TMG Customer Service Review© (CSR)

Learn about performance from customers. Gain broad understanding of what customers want and need. Assess the performance of key business processes. Results are presented through a customer relationship maturity model framework.

Stakeholder Analysis

TMG will identify the individuals or groups that are likely to affect or be affected by a proposed action or solution, and sort them according to their impact on the action and the impact the action will have on them.

Balanced Scorecard

We have an integrated approach balancing the vision and mission of the organization with everyday operations. In other words, a strategic scorecard can help identify the few core functions that translate its vision into reality.

Strategic Planning

Translate the organization’s vision into a reality. Strategic plans are developed through an integrated approach of balancing the vision and mission of the organization with everyday operations. Bring clarity and alignment through the creation of a strategic roadmap. Implement strategy with Leadership Team Facilitation, Talent Assessments, Incentives, and Accountability Structures, Coaching and Gap Analysis.

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