Strategy Development

Translate the organization vision into reality. Strategic plans are developed through an integrated approach of balancing the vision and mission of the organization with everyday operations. Bring clarity and alignment through the creation of a strategic roadmap. Implement strategy with Leadership Team Facilitation, Talent Assessments, Incentives & Accountability Structures, Coaching, and Gap Analysis.

Talent Management

We will support your organization’s commitment to recruit, retain, empower and develop the most talented and superior employees available in the job market. We will create a business strategy that will ensure the attraction of top talent in competition with other employers.

Facilitation & Teambuilding

Our facilitators offer a variety of solutions through:

– Peer Coaching/Facilitated Learning Teams enables team members to re-think the way they approach problems, adopt new ways of leading, communicating, making decisions, and getting results, and increases capacity to learn and collaborate with their team members.

– Action Learning – is a “learn by doing” approach to team learning and team facilitation to solve real business issues and to improve team effectiveness skills.

– Blended Learning Solutions – an integrated approach to learning across the organization, developing skills as needed with reinforcement of knowledge over time. Various learning programs group like-learners for maximum impact.

Employee Engagement

Create a work environment to develop engaged employees. TMG can help with organizational assessments to improve employee engagement. We offer a variety of workshops, leadership development, and teambuilding etc, to engage the entire workforce.

Diversity & Inclusion

Communicate your organization’s policy to employees regarding effective and respectful communication, a harassment-free workplace, and the value of a diverse organization.

Competency Development

Identification of the unique critical skills and job factors that drive each occupation and job. Documentation of behavior-based job and work expectations. Structured plans to deliver best practice-based, professional development with measurable employee proficiency based on your team’s unique needs.

Workforce Planning

TMG can identify and address gaps between the current workforce and future needs.

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