Performance information delivered in real-time to all levels of leadership within an organization. Monitor and control organizational performance based visualized data, gaining:

• Enterprise Viability
• Accountability & Transparency
• Collaboration and Alignment
• Improved Performance

Predictive Performance Analytics

Delivering the intelligent use of data to enable an understanding of future performance. Permits staff at all levels to understand performance in context and a common view of how individual actions contribute to enterprise-level performance.

Automating Tools

Support of leading process automation tools. We bring best practices to managing and integrating data across multiple platforms.

Resource Management & Allocations

Allocate valuable resources for maximum impact. Providing organizations with agility to shift resources to meeting new and emerging demands. Identify underutilization or gaps in operational delivery. Manage all organizational resources included human capital and tangible assets.

TMG’s Performance Vision Data Analytics Tool

Powerful Data Modeling with Fast, Simple Implementation

  • Strategic Performance Reporting
  • Strategy Deployment Effectiveness
  • Place-based Performance Analysis
  • Risk Strategy Effectiveness
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Process Level Performance
  • Balanced Scorecard Results
  • Quality Assurance/Control
  • Predictive Performance Analytics

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