Strategic Workforce Planning

The Millennium Group International (TMG) has delivered a variety of strategic workforce planning project for Federal agencies.

TMG has assisted a wide range of Federal government organizations as a prime contractor with successfully executing and sustaining reorganizations.   TMG has developed implementation plans that thoroughly outline all strategy implementation components and required actions necessary to sustain change.

We create roadmaps  to address leadership, structural, functional/operational, cultural, communication, physical, developmental, political and other components/change. In addition, TMG provides change management assistance for achieving and sustaining success in a timely but deliberate and comprehensive fashion that meets near-term and serves long-term mission-critical needs.

TMG Workforce Planning Capabilities

Approach Strategic Workforce Planning Framework

The TMG Strategic Workforce Planning Framework provides the foundation for the various dimensions necessary for “Creating a High-Performance Workforce.” This framework also aligns with both OPM’s strategic workforce planning framework and OMB’s Performance Reference Model in support of the Governments Performance and Results Act II.

TMG methodologies show how strategic plans are developed through an integrated approach of balancing the vision and mission of the organization with everyday operations. TMG brings clarity and alignment to the process through the creation of strategic roadmaps.

Assess the components of your organization and develop a new organization structures that not only aligns to the organization’s strategic direction but also to key work requirements.  Utilize our structured approach to position management using the system of record to track baseline data and plan for future requirements. Your organization will have the ability to rapidly adjust and model changes or impacting events. Monitor workforce plan and associated funds through visualized displays.

We help plan for change utilizing our 5-Phase Organizational Transformation Approach to accelerate business strategy through measurable workforce outcomes. Throughout our support, we will ensure:

  • Cooperation with management, staff and employees to fully define roles and responsibilities
  • Validation of current state, i.e., accurate reflection of “to-be” state
  • Accuracy of skills, competencies and talent needed for future or “to-be” state
  • Implementation plan resource availability and integration into organization
  • Disciplined approach to position management using accurate data in the system of record

The TMG Team

TMG provides recognized thought leaders in the areas of strategic, human capital and workforce planning and predictive workforce analytic tools. We utilize the best practices of strategic workforce planning and on-going analytics capabilities to enable clients to dynamically monitor and shape a multi-sourced/multi-generational workforce consistent with productivity goals and budget. Our clients consistently get access to our thought leadership and best practices in strategic human capital/workforce planning aligned to and integrated with your mission performance goals.

A Proven Partner for Process Transformation

TMG has over 20 years of experience with helping leaders to improve operations. Our clients include numerous Federal government agencies, businesses, and non profit organizations.

Contract Vehicles


GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
Contract #GS-10F-0412P
SINs 541611 & 611430

Providing direct access to simple or complex fixed-price or labor-hour professional services for business consulting services


Contract #GS02Q16DCR0109, Pool 2
Government-Wide, Multiple Award, Indefinite-Delivery,
Indefinite-Quantity (MA-IDIQ)

Providing customized human capital management and training services to all agencies.

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