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Executive coaching offers today’s busy leaders the opportunity to pursue personal and professional development in a confidential and collaborative one-on-one environment.

The Millennium Group International (TMG) has assembled the finest executive coaching team in the business, comprised of a vast array coaches. These coaches are all certified by organizations recognized by the International Coaching Federation or have experience equal to certification.

Rest assured, all TMG coaches strictly abide by the highest ethical guidelines and professional standards. In addition, all of the TMG executive coaches have had their own executive career, which affords our coaches an excellent mix of academic and practical working knowledge. Each coach follows a prescribed coaching process that TMG utilizes in order to ensure the desired outcomes for each client. Within the prescribed process, TMG’s coaches customize each coaching engagement to the client and his/her goals/work/action plan.

TMG believes that one of the keys to a productive coaching process is the coach/client match. Because TMG has a sizeable cadre of coaches, it is possible for TMG to match client to coach and, in most cases, to provide a choice of coaches for the client.

Prior to the coach matching process, TMG will carefully review each coach’s case load and can assure that unless some unforeseen emergency or issue arises in a coach’s life, they will be able to complete the agreed upon coaching services within the expected timeframe. Should an unexpected emergency arise, TMG has enough depth that another coach can be matched to the affected client.


TMG provides executive coaching services to a number of diverse organizations. Since 1998, TMG has provided a coaching services to variety of for-profit, non-profit and government organizations. Clients have ranged from large enterprises to small organizations and from national and internationally focused to local and regionally driven organizations.

TMG’s executive coaching experiences have proven the vast benefits that can be achieved for executives in almost any organizational environment.


TMG’s Coaches facilitate movement to the next level of performance by creating a learning process designed to help individual’s understand what is needed to reach their personal best. The TMG executive coaches are all certified by organizations recognized by the International Coaching Federation or have experience equal to certification. The typical profile of a TMG coach is:

  • 15 years of business experience with high level leadership experience
  • 10 years of executive coaching and organizational development experience as a consultant
  • Focused on outcomes and results.

All of the TMG coaches have had their own executive career, which affords our coaches excellent mix of academic and practical working knowledge. These characteristics enable faster results for the client. TMG coaches are typically coach mid to senior level career level executives and are experienced with C-level executive and board of directors facilitation assignments.

TMG carefully selects its consultants from referrals received from current consultants, clients and business colleagues. More than 50% of TMG’s consultants have served TMG clients for over five years and several have been on the TMG consultant team since business inception in 1998.


The Millennium Group International LLC’s Executive Coaching is generally implemented in four phases in 6-12 monthly meetings over a three to six month timeframe. Phases I and II initiate the process with Assessment (data gathering) and Strategy Setting (determining client goals, strategies, and techniques). Phase III, Implementation, works toward achieving stated objectives through behavior, strategy and focused change. Phase IV, Close-Out, Reporting and Evaluation assesses results in relation to goals and makes recommendations for next developmental steps.

TMG’s coaches provide in-person coaching services by meeting face- to-face with the executive and through distance coaching. The coach also plans strategies to support the executive, designs experiments, and documents process and progress.

Coach “matching” is facilitated by TMG’s provision of several certified coach biographies from which the executive can interview and select based on expertise in executive goal areas and learning/interaction style.

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