The Millennium Group International (TMG) provides clients with consulting solutions to help organizations improve performance.

A High Performance Organization (HPO) is flexible, customer-focused, and able to work in highly effectively teams. HPO organizations support managment and employee cultures with flatter hierarchies, teamwork, diversity, and adaptability to the environment. The HPO has all of elements paramount to successful strategy execution.


TMG uses a powerful, yet streamlined approach to assessing the organization and creating actions for implementing a sustainable high-performance culture.

• Our team facilitates the process in partnership with your leadership
• Get results fast using our validated Whole System Review assessment instrument
• Learn strengths and opportunities for improvement across a 5-dimensional maturity model
• Organize to act on improvement strategies

TMG Whole System Review© (WSR)

The WSR enables organizations to engage your employees to improve the operations.

The WSR provides a broad picture of the organization through the eyes of your team.

The WSR survey tool captures opinions about all areas of business operations on things that drive success. We focus on the whole system through five dimensions to identify areas to improve organizational performance. We also capture the culture dimensions of the organization with the WSR, providing alignment of culture with strategy.

The assessment, delivered online, thorough an email link sent to employees and managers takes less than 20 minutes to complete. Our assessment is a mobile-device enabled, 508-compliant instrument that focuses on your organization’s people, processes, technology, structure and strategy.


TMG has over 20 years of experience with helping leaders to create high performing organizations. Our clients include numerous Federal government agencies, businesses, and non profit organizations.


GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)
Contract #GS-10F-0412P
SINs 541611 & 611430

Providing direct access to simple or complex fixed-price or labor-hour professional services for business consulting services


Contract #GS02Q16DCR0109, Pool 2
Government-Wide, Multiple Award, Indefinite-Delivery,
Indefinite-Quantity (MA-IDIQ)

Providing customized human capital management and training services to all agencies.

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