The Advantage

TMG helps to close the gap between the current-state organization and a high-performing organization.  We help organizations to become customer focused, quickly and efficiently change, focus on long term success, continuously improve core capabilities, and build stronger teamwork, diversity, and adaptability.

TMG Strengths Benefit to Client
Proven organizational assessment methodology
  • Delivers consistent assessment results through a speedy, customizable process.
Engages stakeholders throughout the process
  • Recommendations have buy-on for key stakeholders, which sets the stage for the change management process.
Data driven analysis focused on root cause change
  • Assessment findings which identify core opportunities that can drive sustainable.
  • Delivering timely, repeatable, reliable, and actionable information to continue to improve the performance of the leadership team.
Linked to mission and strategy
  • Connect the assessment to result to the change needs of the overall agency.
Leadership focused implementation actions
  • Provides the required leadership competencies for development through coaching.
Goals and measurements as outputs of assessment
  •  Sets the stage for offsite retreats for leadership teams to develop action plans, assign roles and responsibilities and measure progression.

The TMG Approach to Organizational Assessments

As a firm committed to Building Organizational Capacity, The Millennium Group International (TMG) differentiates itself by placing tremendous value on building personal, truly collaborative relationships with our clients. We deliver effective solutions which endure beyond the emerging stages of transformation and yield ongoing benefits.

TMG takes a strategic approach to improving the alignment of long-term organizational priorities and day-to-day work practices, while still achieving agency mission, goals, and objectives.  We evaluate the organization across the five key performance dimensions of our Whole Systems approach – people, structure, processes, technology, and strategy.    Within each of the dimensions, we create customized evaluation criteria to document the current state organization.  In addition, we provide actionable feedback and recommendations within the framework of a performance maturity model.

How TMG Supports Clients

TMG delivers a wide range of activities that ultimately aim to improve the effectiveness of an organization. We apply a whole systems approach to impact all aspects of organizational life, addressing the interconnectedness of – the strategy, the structure, the people, performance expectations and rewards, technology, and processes.

We will work to expand the ability of the organization to be open and candid about the organization (the current state), address the different experiences people are having, and help them work together effectively to create new ways (future state) of progressing into the next phase of the organization’s maturity. Our team uses an organization maturity model approach to assess the current state of the organization and then provide a roadmap for improvements.

TMG Organizational Maturity Model

A Proven Partner for building High Performance

TMG has over 2 decades of experience with helping leaders to create high performing organizations. Our clients include numerous Federal government agencies, businesses, and non profit organizations.

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