TMG’s Whole System Review (WSR) is the one tool needed to assess organizational operations. We have designed the WSR to using the whole systems approach. Organizations act as interconnected systems. Without looking at the entire system, organizations miss opportunities to improve and miss root cause issues.

We enable organizations to easily assess organizational performance across key performance dimensions with this cloud-based instrument.. The WSR provides comprehensive culture and climate feedback that eliminates the need for multiple workforce surveys – easing the burden on today’s survey-fatigued employees.

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Understand the impact of your strategy process.
Develop action plans and measure the
progress of the strategy execution.



Engage employees on making the organization a better
place to work. Understand how values are helping the
organization get the job done.


Develop Human Capital Strategies

Learn where to invest in your human capital.
Understand where learning and knowledge can are
need by employees.


Transform The Organization

Assess the current state of the organization and
understand the steps needed to reach the future state.


Improve Processes

Determine how the operations are functioning.
Get balanced and comprehensive feedback. Gain clarity
on how to improve.

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TMG Whole System Review© (WSR)
Gain broad understanding of organizational health. Assess the strength and opportunities to improve the organization. Results are presented through a five-dimension maturity model framework.

The WSR enables organizations to engage your employees to improve the operations.

The WSR provides a broad picture of the organization through the eyes of your team.

The WSR survey tool captures opinions about all areas of business operations on things that drive success. We focus on the whole system to identify areas to improve organizational performance.

The survey, delivered online, thorough an email link sent to employees and managers takes less than 20 minutes to complete. Our survey is a mobile-device enabled, 508-compliant instrument that focuses on your organization’s people, processes, technology, structure and strategy.

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