Learn How We Build Organizational Capacity

How Do You Know When TMG Can Help Your Organization?

Have you ever wished your organization could find ways to ease the complexity of getting even the simplest task done, better empower people to get work completed right the first time, or just help teams work better together? You are not alone. Every company, government agency, and non-profit needs help​.



With growth and change, organizations face new challenges, and need to update processes to maintain organization efficiency. The Millennium Group International, LLC (TMG) can help. TMG is a small, agile management consulting and professional services firm. Our mission is to help our clients build organizational capacity. We provide a variety of insights, best practices, and tools through a range of customized consulting solutions, which deliver sustainable organizational improvements.

What We Do

TMG delivers organizational performance improvement consulting and mission support services. For over two decades, we have had success achieving sustainable results for dozens of Government agencies and private sector clients. TMG customizes solutions for each client’s specific organization, work environment, and culture. Our consultants have led workforce planning efforts, built leadership teams, delivered innovative training, advised strategy development, conducted program evaluations, managed programs, supported change management, provided financial analysis, delivered visualized data analytic solutions, and managed technology implementation.

How We Do It

TMG’s philosophy is based on a foundation of building partnerships with our clients to improve performance. We define the challenge and solutions using a Whole Systems Approach, examining the people, process, structure, technology, and measures of success. We have a team of highly talented consultants, experienced with bringing best practices and insights to our clients. The typical TMG consultant is highly educated, with many years of applicable work experience. We hire the best talent to remain competitive, so we employ highly skilled PhDs, Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, PMPs, Organizational Development Experts, Trainers, Facilitators, and Human Capital Strategists. Our team members have proven track records that promote the high standards and professionalism that are the hallmark of our company. Our expertise enables us to understand the broader issues of organizational transformation, as well as, the specific challenges associated with managing each contract.

In addition to having the best talent, TMG uses the most advanced project management techniques that produce effective, consistent and measurable long-term results for each project that we manage. We work very closely with our clients in a project’s planning and design phase, and then aggressively manage costs, quality, and schedule, during its implementation. We’ve found our best success when working with insightful leaders who are interested in change. The recent introduction of our Performance Vision tool provides leaders with the data-driven evidence to make decisions, manage organizational project and program performance and drive change.

Our Success

TMG is proud of our numerous success stories with building organizational capacity. Examples of these projects include:

  1. Delivery of continuous process improvement solutions to a Department of Defense organization leading to a 60% reduction in process cycle time, a 20% increase in overall operational efficiency, and a 75% reduction in time spent on data reporting.
  2. Providing organizational improvement and business process re-engineering recommendations and implementation roadmap to a Federal agency client. The results led to the improvement of organizational structure, workflow process, workforce capacity and capabilities, which saved the client $1 million per year.
  3. Conducting a comprehensive organizational assessment our team clarified organizational mission, goals and objectives for a Federal agency client. Our qualitative and quantitative methods were used determine gaps and misalignment with regards to workforce composition, capacity, capability and work processes.

Why Work With TMG

TMG provides the ultimate in client care with the company CEO involved in every project. Our small business status enables us to offer competitive rates and responsiveness that larger firms cannot achieve. We offer proven success supporting dozens of government and private sector customers with a team of expert consultants. Our experts will dramatically increase your organizational efficiencies which in most cases, directly improve the bottom line. The TMG methodology coupled with our technology, experience, and value, allows us to provide the best consulting services in the industry.