Building Your Political Savvy

Course Description

Guided by a highly talented Millennium Group International (TMG) facilitator and coach, participants in this series will become more aware of the formal and informal political landscapewithin their organization, more effective with all organizational “power sources” and more able to maintain influence even when the power and politics of the organization shift.

Learning Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

  • Inspire a shared vision.
  • Adjust your leadership style to meet your managers’ needs.
  • Use delegation to empower your managers.
  • Create action steps to develop your managers.

Course Outline- Full Day Agenda

 Part 1: Mastering Organizational Politics

Through this facilitated session participants identify and become aware of the specific political elements within their organization. This session emphasizes the reality that people naturally seek alliances and respect clear organizational hierarchies – as long as they are successful. Participants are inspired to think more about “sources of influence” that may be much less obvious and even counter to the organization’s traditional hierarchy. They are encouraged to recognize and discuss the “politics” that exist in their organization – and to devise effective strategies for respectfully and authentically engaging with these “political forces” to increase their own likelihood of success in the organization.

Part 2: Building and Maintaining Great Relationships – with the “Powers” and “Powers- to- be”.

This session presents the key to navigating organizational politics —- a set of practical guidelines for growing, sustaining, and even recovering relationships with important individuals and teams necessary for success in the organization. Participants are involved in exercises that are relevant for taking new relationship skills to work the next day – and making a difference immediately in their connectedness to key “political” sources in the organization.

Part 3: Increasing Your Influence

Speaking with clarity and being straightforward is often “scary” in organizations – the result is ambiguity that often damages relationships, causes distrust, confusion and assignment of blame. Participants increase their influence by learning to become a valued member of any team, regardless of how the sources of influence may change, by speakingauthentically with others while honoring their objectives and good intent. The emphasis is this session is on how to engage others for the outcome participants want to achieve and become more effective working through and with others in the organization – regardless of the “politics”.

Workshop Participants

TMG considers the optimal number of participants to be 14-20 for facilitation of this workshop. A maximum of 24 is allowed.

Training Materials

A comprehensive workbook accompanies this course that serves as a reference guide for course content.

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