Coaching and Counseling for Results

Course Description

If coaching isn’t traditional supervision, what is it? There are five approaches to coaching: encouraging, training, counseling, mentoring, and challenging. An effective coach recognizes when to use each approach, and together the approaches enable managers and supervisors to help employees develop their full potential.

Participants learn how to incorporate coaching and counseling into day-to-day activities. They discover that coaching is not a “set aside” but an integral component to establishing trust, doing business, getting work done, appraising performance, and developing leaders on an everyday basis.

Participants learn to evaluate whether or not the employee has an understanding of expectations regarding performance and to evaluate any situational constraints that might impact performance such as lack of resources or authority. For the high performing employee, participants learn how to coach them to the next level of performance.

Learning Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

  • Recognize and apply the five approaches to coaching:
  • Employ inquiry and advocacy skills when communicating
  • Implement the steps to effective coaching
  • Follow the four-step preparation process for conducting a coaching session
  • Establish a performance improvement system that works
  • Develop trust and mutual respect among team members
  • Empower and establish accountability among team members
  • Set meaningful team mission and goals

Course Outline- Full Day Agenda

Chapter One:  The Coaching Concept

  • What coaching is and isn’t
  • The roles and responsibilities of coaching
  • Determining the action to take
  • Coaching approach
  • Communication techniques
  • Self-assessment
  • Listening skills

Chapter Two:  Quick Coaching Model

  • Steps to effective coaching
  • Five characteristics of effective feedback

Chapter Three:  One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Four-step preparation process
  • Is coaching successful?
  • Handling specific personalities
  • Coaching scenarios
  • Spotting three-minute coaching moments

Chapter Four:  Building a Performance Improvement System

  • Performance improvement
  • Determine key results
  • Benchmark star performers
  • Identify best practices
  • Create development plan
  • Measure performance
  • Creating a learning environment

Chapter Five: Building and Coaching a Winning Team

  • Developing trust and mutual respect
  • Translating trust into actions
  • Building loyalty
  • Holding employees accountable
  • Empowering team members
  • Keeping the lines of communication open
  • Setting team mission and goals

Workshop Participants

TMG considers the optimal number of participants to be 14-20 for facilitation of this workshop. A maximum of 24 is allowed.

Training Materials

A comprehensive workbook accompanies this course that serves as a reference guide for course content.

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