Leading Through Change

Course Description

Participants with learn how to takes a long-term view and build a shared vision with others, acting as a catalyst for organizational change. Learn to influences others to translate vision into action.Setting the stage for change will require you to deal effectively with pressure while remaining optimistic and persistent, even under adversity. Utilize your leadership talent to capitalize on opportunities and manages risks. Develop commitment strategies that involve new insights into situations, questioning conventional approaches, encouraging new ideas and innovations, and designing and implementing new or cutting edgeprograms/processes

Learning Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

  • Define what change looks like and feels like
  • Identify different reactions to change and evaluate how the change will affect people in your organization
  • Recognize change resistance and explore various sources of resistance
  • Recognize the eight mistakes organizations make during change
  • Evaluate and compare the various roles of team leaders
  • Develop commitment strategies to change
  • Design the elements of a change communication plan
  • Align systems and structures to the change
  • Identify the characteristics of bounce-back people and organizations

Course Outline- Full Day Agenda

 Chapter 1: Effects of Change

  • Preprogram assessment
  • Introduction
  • What change looks like
  • What in the world is changing?
  • What is the cost of failed organizational change efforts?
  • How change is interpreted
  • Why change equals loss
  • Learned helplessness versus learned optimism

Chapter 2: Change Responses

  • The spectrum of change responses
  • The grieving cycle
  • How change responses manifest at work
  • Change resistance
  • Working with change resistance

Chapter 3: Leading the Change

  • Introduction to leading change
  • Eight reasons change efforts fail
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Leading versus managing change
  • Inspiring a shared vision
  • Exploiting early successes
  • Roles of change leaders

Chapter 4: Anchoring Change

  • Implicit contracts
  • Getting buy-in
  • Change buy-in
  • Anchoring to the past

Chapter Five: Communicating and Reinforcing Change

  • Two views of organizational change
  • Rate of change
  • How change leaders assure their people
  • Effective change communication
  • Case study
  • The six phases of change communication
  • Steps for communicating major change
  • Cultural shift that is not time critical
  • Cultural shift that is time critical
  • Systems and structures
  • Aligning organizational practices with the change
  • Balancing security and significance
  • Essential tension: Using security and significance
  • Introduction to bounce-back
  • Defining bounce-back
  • Bounce-back people
  • Keys to resilience
  • Endings
  • Adaptive and transformational change
  • Transition to transformation model
  • Six competencies of bounce-back people
  • Resiliency improvement action plan

Workshop Participants

TMG considers the optimal number of participants to be 14-20 for facilitation of this workshop. A maximum of 24 is allowed.

Training Materials

A comprehensive workbook accompanies this course that serves as a reference guide for course content.

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